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Employee Reward & Recognition Programmes

Are you looking to engage your employees and retain the talent within your business? If so, BI WORLDWIDE can certainly help you find the right employee engagement programme that is aligned to your business objectives.

Using the principles of behavioural economics, we have the knowledge and experience to create employee engagement solutions that help you retain passionate and dedicated employees; tailored to your organisations goals and values, our employee engagement programmes are designed to motivate your team to contribute to success as an organisation.

What percent of your organisation is “engaged”?

That is, how many of them are consistently giving you 100% of their focus while at work? Research shows that only 2 out of 5 are performing at this level. One of our employee engagement solutions will raise the level of engaged employees within your business.

What if you could increase that to 3 out of 5, or even 4 out of 5?

No one understands employee engagement better than BI WORLDWIDE Australia. We help some of the largest local and global enterprises to drive measurable engagement with their employees. We offer a suite of solutions grounded in the science of behavioral economics, from employee recognition and anniversary awards to social connectivity and communication.

Employee engagement is what happens when organisations win over the hearts and minds of employees in ways that lead to extraordinary effort and positive financial results. Organisations with engaged employees have double the success rate compared to less engaged organisations. This is good not just for your organisation - it’s also good for your employees themselves, and your customers.

Most organisations do not have the necessary resources to manage employee engagement internally. One of the major aspects they struggle with is being able to quantify it. There are numerous factors that contribute to employee engagement including corporate culture, growth opportunities, connectedness, recognition and leadership style. How these factors impact engagement can vary from employee to employee. This complexity is what makes it so challenging to measure and understand engagement in an actionable way.


  • Lower absenteeism and turnover
  • Improved health and safety
  • Enhanced quality of work
  • Greater collaboration and innovation
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Solutions loved by 7 out of 10 Fortune 10 companies and over 300 global brands

Employee Value Proposition

What does it take to attract and retain top talent? We believe it’s about more than just pay and benefits, so stay ahead of the competition and implement the optimum employee value proposition (EVP) strategy.

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Employee Recognition Platform - DayMaker

We believe employees should be recognised for their work and rewarded for demonstrating the right set of behaviours that are aligned to your business values. Here's how our employee recognition platform DayMaker can help you.

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Global Reward Marketplace

Our Global Rewards MarketplaceTM offers an abundance of reward options to help you recognise and celebrate your outstanding employees.

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Service Anniversary

Celebrate your long-standing and most dedicated employees with comprehensive service anniversary reward programmes.

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What is Employee Engagement

Investing in your employee rewards is sure to bring positive results, so invest in something that is personal, memorable and impactful.

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New Rules of Engagement

Our ground-breaking strategies for employee engagement transform the way managers inspire, motivate and connect with their employees.

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Our experience spans over 6 decades, let us work with you on creating an effective program for your employees

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