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People do their best work when they feel supported and vital to the team. We create vibrant and diverse occasions to look forward to and bring people together for one-of-a-kind experiences in state-of-the-art venues. Meetings or events are platforms for shared memories, allowing employees to extend their experience beyond the everyday. 

Incentive travel, award ceremonies, conferences and product launches make great rewards. They’re dynamic and provide opportunities to shape new connections and solidify existing alliances. This relationship-building creates momentum for better business with more cohesive teams. Make every event count – tap into decades of event expertise to create inspiring in-person or virtual events that drive business performance. 

Purposed-Designed Occasions

Events are another touchpoint to engage and inspire. Full-service means we have the resources and expertise in-house to weave incredible events and production into all channel sales strategies and employee engagement programs. We take care of it all to deliver an impactful event that inspires people through positive memories.   

We’re all about the details: lighting cues to move with the mood, food to create conversation, rousing speakers and next-level entertainment. Not paint-by-number purveyors, we realise creative, fresh incentives or corporate events within budget. Reward your doers with an event at a distinctive venue, from intimate spaces and wow rooms to sprawling open expanses and iconic places. 

To align with your goals and maximise the value of your investment, we gain an in-depth understanding of what you want your meeting or event to achieve. Using a systematic approach, paired with the breadth of our multi-industry experience, we tailor our world-class events to reward the right people.



Building Blocks of Successful Events

Veritas Events is the experiences arm of our business. With over 30 years in the industry, our list of boast-worthy events is long. This is how we shape our stand-out shindigs. First, we work with you to compose the ultimate theme, styling and design. We like to think outside the event box with concepts that showcase the best of your culture and create anticipation. Then it’s time for our logistics team to shine. We ensure everyone and everything is in the right place, at the right time – from lights down to last drinks.  

As communication specialists, we’re all about consistency. We keep everyone in the loop and leave no touchpoint unturned. Our tech solutions streamline the flow of information across the life of your event, from online registration to gathering precious feedback through participant surveys. On event day – we deliver. While you sit back and relax, we run flawless functions that attain your business goal. 


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End-to-end Exceptional Events

We integrate experiential marketing and brand experiences into your 360-degree strategy, from conception to delivery. Access extraordinary creative solutions and leverage the strength of our 30 years of comprehensive event experience paired with creative ideation and resources under one roof. 

We're an extension of your team, here to support your business needs with outstanding brand experiences that inspire people and deliver results. Creative strategy, brand experiences, event management, digital media, technical production, employee and channel incentive and engagement solutions: we do it all.

A Diverse Portfolio of Event Expertise

BI WORLDWIDE are brand experience specialists who tell stories about your business. As a full-service engagement agency, we have solutions for every touchpoint in your business strategy and specialise in making memorable moments to spur performance. Lean on the flexibility of our events arm, Veritas Events, for lasting impressions and moments that matter. 

We have production and digital content creation expertise to bring your messages to life. Here’s how you can explore events.

Sales Events

Motivate your sales teams with expertly crafted meetings and events. Our programs are designed from the ground up to inspire performance that will push your sales force to the next level.

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Dealer Events

Whether it's an annual meeting or an exciting new product launch, we create events that help your dealers see how they fit into the big picture.

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Virtual Events

To create an engaging virtual experience, you need to do more than simply put your content into an app or website. We create seamless virtual events to drive your strategic objectives, strengthen your teams, and inspire your audiences.

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Incentive Travel

Incentive travel drives performance when there is the trip of a lifetime on the line. We manage all the details but you have complete control. Know exactly what to expect — and then experience so much more.

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Product Launches

Product launches are your chance to make a first impression on your channel, customers and media. Our team has decades of experience you can count on to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

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VIP Events

Whether for internal employees or external customers, an impeccable VIP event will create brand ambassadors that drive your organisation forward. With access to, and partnerships with, venues and celebrities all over the world, we deliver on that impeccable experience.

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