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As experts in the science of behavioural economics and employee engagement, we lead with people to make every moment meaningful. With end-to-end services under one roof, at BI WORLDWIDE, we bring your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to life through problem-solving, technology and tailored solutions. From the first day to the first achievement – recognise, reward and inspire your people. When you invest in your team, they invest in your business.

Your big-picture bid 

Your EVP is your essence. It defines the perspective, values, benefits and character of your company. The sum of tangible and intangible factors, your EVP influences whether your employees stay or go. Our employee recognition and rewards platform ensure your EVP is market competitive and universal. From training and mentoring to your parental leave policy and the inclusivity of your culture – back your EVP to retain and develop your people. 


Individual Insights 

Look beyond the generic workplace wishlist. Every employee wants different things from your organisation, and these things change over time. We resolve the expensive disconnect between what your people want and what leaders think they want. Because 25% of your people won’t stay for the same reason they joined your business, we pay attention to their shifting needs. By adjusting the focus, we ensure you keep speaking each person’s motivational language. 


Attraction is Everything

With up to 35% of employees considering moving jobs – attraction is an investment in the future of your business. Making your brand magnetic comes from a clear strategy that includes a powerful employee engagement and rewards program. When this culture is ingrained, opportunities to celebrate and recognise people become second nature.


Performance masterminds

Effective engagement doesn’t come with a set and forget mindset. It’s an active intention that’s alive throughout the lifecycle of each of your employees. When you recognise people, they achieve with an audience, not in a vocational vacuum. Improve their experience through welcome packs and rewards, a centralised platform, experiences and training. Let your people know what you stand for so they stand with you.

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Highest standard tech

Our secure, intuitive and responsive technology offers multiple integration options with programs like Microsoft Teams and Outlook to save you switching between software. Use our platform as the primary solution for your entire strategy training, or configure it to complement your existing in-house system. Our tech satisfies the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

Make Every Moment Matter

Create value for your business by creating value for your employees. Set your people up for success by being clear about your values, then live up to your EVP everyday. Foster development with training, unite teams through corporate events, recognise anniversaries, create cohesion with employer branding, and show people you value their feedback with surveys and program measurement. 

  • Decision Day

    Align your prospective employees with the core of your company. Effectively introduce your purpose, what you believe in and what the future looks like. This helps your potential personnel understand their place in the big picture.

  • First Day

    First impressions are important. Represent your EVP from day one so your recent recruits see the ethos of your business in action. Implement an onboarding program that makes them feel welcome and outlines a clear training path.

  • Every Day

    We know not all days are a triumph, but every employee needs to know they make a difference and what they do matters. Even on an average day, recognition and rewards make people feel part of a larger purpose.

  • Achievement Day

    Marking achievements lifts confidence and strengthens a sense of purpose. Celebrating accomplishments increases engagement; success is more inspiring when acknowledged. Promote better performance, boost reputation, and attract top talent.

  • Referral Day

    Great culture is contagious. Motivating employees gives them a reason to become powerful advocates for your business. People who share glimpses into your workplace character advance your reputation with customers and potential employees.

DayMaker: Employee Recognition Program

Attract, engage and retain the best employees by recognising awesome work, rewarding victories and celebrating anniversaries with our employee recognition program. Employee recognition isn't a one-time act. It shouldn't be reserved for special occasions. If you really want to make a lasting impact, recognition should be used to reinforce key moments throughout an employee's relationship with your brand, from the time they first apply for a job through referring your company as a great place to work. Here’s what a continual recognition strategy says to your employees:

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DayMaker Service Awards

A loyal, productive team member is valuable beyond measure. Our employee award solutions give businesses innovative, meaningful ways to recognise the employees who've invested their time and talent in moving the business forward. Service awards have a much bigger impact than recognising an individual employee for their length of service with the company. Done well, length of service awards send a strong message to the entire organisation: your commitment matters here. At BI WORLDWIDE Australia, we create customised service anniversary programs that speak directly to your employees.

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Rewards Marketplace: open for better business

Let your salespeople loose for an online shopping spree. Shop this curated marketplace that features meaningful, high-quality lifestyle and experience-based rewards. Treat your teams to must-have merchandise, unmissable experiences, and travel options. Smart home tech, a boast-worthy BBQ, a sailing adventure or a virtual cooking class – this marketplace motivates. Maximise potential, turn your sales force into brand advocates and grow revenue simultaneously. Insights inform our items to drive buzz and action in your sales teams. This is where dream articles, destinations and experiences live.

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Amplify your EVP

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