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Employee Engagement Solutions

With the right strategy and a research based approach, employee engagement can be a very engaging business.

What percent of your organisation is “engaged”?

That is, how many of them are consistently giving you 100% of their focus while at work? Research shows that only 2 out of 5 are performing at this level. One of our employee engagement solutions will raise the level of engaged employees within your business.

What if you could increase that to 3 out of 5, or even 4 out of 5?

No one understands employee engagement better than BI WORLDWIDE Australia. We help some of the largest local and global enterprises to drive measurable engagement with their employees. We offer a suite of solutions grounded in the science of behavioral economics, from employee recognition and anniversary awards to social connectivity and communication.

Employee engagement is what happens when organisations win over the hearts and minds of employees in ways that lead to extraordinary effort and positive financial results. Organisations with engaged employees have double the success rate compared to less engaged organisations. This is good not just for your organisation - it’s also good for your employees themselves, and your customers.

Most organisations do not have the necessary resources to manage employee engagement internally. One of the major aspects they struggle with is being able to quantify it. There are numerous factors that contribute to employee engagement including corporate culture, growth opportunities, connectedness, recognition and leadership style. How these factors impact engagement can vary from employee to employee. This complexity is what makes it so challenging to measure and understand engagement in an actionable way.


  • Lower absenteeism and turnover
  • Improved health and safety
  • Enhanced quality of work
  • Greater collaboration and innovation
  • Greater customer satisfaction

What Is Employee Engagement?

What is employee engagement? It’s important to define what it isn’t as well as what it is.

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Social Recognition System

We use the latest technology along with the principles of behavioural economics to inspire and motivate employees to achieve your business goals.

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Employee data changes regularly, so the need for data to flow between systems in real time is increasingly important.

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Service Anniversary Programs

Loyal teams give to your business in countless ways. Make their service milestones count by giving them recognition that's meaningful.

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Recognition Events

Recognise the people who are committed to building your business with an event worthy of bragging rights.

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The New Rules of Engagement

What if we stopped looking at employees as “resources” and started looking at them as “humans”? The results of research conducted by BI WORLDWIDE shows how to engage humans in this new paradigm.

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