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Inspire your employees with memorable rewards.

At BI WORLDWIDE, our Global Rewards MarketplaceTM offers an abundance of reward options to help you recognise and celebrate your outstanding employees.

Let your employees choose their own personal reward from a tailored suite of 12,000+ options.

BI WORLDWIDE know from our global experience and scientific research that the type of rewards you offer can make an enormous impact on your specific business objectives. People aren't motivated by what they need — they're motivated by what they want. That's why cash doesn't work as well as you might think and the selection of awards you offer is so important. Combine a tailored suite of rewards with high-touch service (and budget control), and your audience will feel like winners.


Our Global Rewards Marketplace features a curated, international offering of products aimed at motivating and inspiring your audience. These are the items on your wishlist you'd find hard to justify buying for yourself. The Marketplace is designed for high sociability (it's easier — and less awkward — to show off your new television than a cash bonus).


Have you always dreamt of flying the skies in a hot air balloon? How about speeding around a track in a Formula One car? We offer thousands of options for your audience to get out and experience something, creating everlasting memories and serious motivation.

Incentive Travel.

Travel incentives unleash a whole new level of ambition and drive. We create customised events with personalised touches that maximise impact.

Gift Cards.

Thanks to our global network, we have a large variety of gift card options from most countries around the world.


Let's inspire a whole new level of action and make your participants smile.

Memorable rewards that inspire all employee profiles and preferences

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