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Reduce Employee Turnover

Over a third of new employees are already hunting for a different job within six months. Reduce employee turnover with an onboarding process that motivates your team from the start. We’ll show you how.

How much is employee turnover costing you?

It's the stuff of HR nightmares: Recruit. Screen. Interview. Negotiate. Hire. Train. For any business, it's a huge investment. And then that investment starts Googling: “How bad will it look on my resume if I leave a job after eight weeks?

Something, somewhere, went awry between the time they accepted your job offer and the time they started working for you.

So what can you do? It's not only about getting the right person in the door. It's also about what you do once they're there.

New employees are more likely to stick around if they:

  • Catch onto the culture quickly
  • Understand how their work fits into the company's overall strategy and objectives
  • Acquire a network of people who can help them be successful
  • Feel supported in their career, in both current and future roles

Each of these four factors impacts employee turnover but that's not all. They also influence what's called time to performance — otherwise known as how long it takes before a new employee is up to speed and performing at peak capacity.

Translation: There's a lot at stake here. And nailing the onboarding process is a little more in-depth than leaving a chocolate bar and a stationery kit on their desk on the first day.

That's where we can help. BI WORLDWIDE's fast start onboarding program is specifically designed to reduce unnecessary employee turnover and speed up time to performance.

Recognising the cost of employee turnover (and the prevalence of it within the first few months of employment), our onboarding engagement strategies begin before a person is hired and continue through their first year of employment — and beyond.

We even go a step further to make sure our onboarding strategies fit seamlessly into your existing recognition program (think: certification, badges and awards to support learning objectives and reinforce key behaviours).

BIW's fast start onboarding program works toward key objectives including:

  • Leveraging and enhancing “shiny new job” enthusiasm
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Shortening the learning curve
  • Proactively responding to any issues that arise
  • Encouraging socialisation and gauging satisfaction
  • Promoting communication between managers and their employees
  • Facilitating compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Creating an environment where employees envision and strive for future success within the company
  • Maintaining a program that can be easily updated and continuously improved

The logic is simple: A successful employee onboarding strategy creates, develops and sustains an emotional connection between employees and your brand. And that translates into higher performance, lasting loyalty and outstanding customer service.


Let's get your new employees off to the fast start they deserve.  

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