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If you value your people – show them. Cultivating culture and belonging is the future of the workplace. It’s also a two-way street. BI WORLDWIDE is here to help you shine a light on excellence and recognise people in meaningful ways. The best part is – we do it all here, so there are no handovers and information gaps to fill. Using insight-based incentives, we tailor inspiration and motivation to deliver measurable outcomes. 

Make your job easy 

Inspire People and Deliver Results.

This is our tagline and our tenacity.  

BI WORLDWIDE are problem solvers. We look at your vision and objectives to design and execute programs that work. Fusing science, technology, and humanity, we're your way forward. As Australia’s only full-service, fully integrated engagement agency, our expertise has no missing parts. 

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Back the right behaviours  

We blend the science of behavioural economics with design thinking to arrive at innovative solutions. With a deep interest in understanding the people we’re designing programs for, we collaborate with you to question and redefine problems and confront assumptions. We explore your business challenges and opportunities, working holistically with our eyes firmly on outcomes. 


Engagement experts  

At BI WORLDWIDE, we work to targeted outcomes, from higher productivity to better quality output and more personalised customer service. Engaged employees outperform their peers, which helps your business outperform the competition. When people feel valued, they take more care, resulting in fewer safety incidents. Motivating employees leads to shared ideas and innovative thinking. A more dynamic culture means less turnover and better employee retention.

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Here for it all  

Fully integrated, we do everything. Traditionally, this corner of the world hasn’t typically been engagement-focused, but that’s changing. With 24% of employees planning to leave their company in the next 12 months, being proactive is paramount. Whether you want to communicate, educate, motivate or evaluate, we align your aims to your business goals. 

Opportunity knocks

Engage your employees

Change the way they work and how they relate to your business. From their first day to their first achievement, we help you witness big and small moments that make your people feel seen, effective and important. 

Make Moments Count


Our DayMaker employee recognition platform recognises the micro and macro of each employee's journey. With our Rewards and Experience Marketplace, your people can turn rewards points into experiences which create memories and meaning. 64% of employees who receive recognition feel a sense of belonging at their company.  

Start Engaging

Channel Smart

Our modular channel incentive framework, Channel Smart, gets impressive results from your channel partners. Using the flexible built-in CMS, create and launch content to ​​activate, engage and amplify all within a branded interface. Use the Audience Smart Functionality to tap into the right audience at the right time.

Inspire Your Channel

Channel Sales Solutions

Our Channel Sales Solutions turn partners into brand advocates for your business. When it comes to long-lasting relationships, you get out what you put in – so tend to these partnerships with nuance and individual focus.

Rejuvenate Your Channel

Create Experiences

Shape lasting connections with live, virtual and hybrid brand experiences. As personalisation experts, our technical producers and digital innovators deliver world-class corporate events. Choose end-to-end management or à la carte design and execution.

Turn Your Event Into and Experience


To motivate your sales team, our sales contest engine, SalesMaker, is in a league of its own. Using Behavioural Economic principles, we tailor our programs to have a big impact on your business. When your salespeople are motivated, results are transformative.

Motivate Your Sales Team