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What We Do

We design bespoke performance improvement programs that inspire your employees, motivate your sales teams and drive your sales channels to achieve your business goals.

You have business objectives and performance KPIs that your teams need to achieve. We design and execute programs that help them succeed.

There are four keys to these types of programs: communication, education, motivation and evaluation. Using this kind of holistic program will drive the right behaviours and activities from your teams that lead to measurable financial outcomes.

How can you benefit?

While it can be challenging to show monetary ROI for employee engagement programs, research continues to show that engaged employees outperform their peers, and organisations with highly engaged workforces outperform their competition. You get:

  • Higher productivity
  • Better customer service
  • Fewer safety incidents
  • Superior quality output
  • More shared ideas and innovative thinking
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Greater talent acquisition
  • Increased profitability and shareholder return

What about sales and channel teams?

While many companies consistently recognise top performers, increasing market share requires an incentive design that inspires the entire audience to become a high-performance culture.

In fact, you will gain more incremental sales by including middle and bottom performers than you will for just recognising the top performers alone. Whether you have an employed sales force, go to market through a sales channel or use a combination of both, the right sales incentives will create a competitive advantage for you. You get:

  • Greater target achievement
  • Higher goal acceptance
  • Better customer experiences
  • Lower customer attrition
  • Increased training retention
  • Faster on-boarding
  • Decreased staff churn

Where do events fit in?

In an increasingly digital world, why not skip the meeting and just hold webinars or deploy online learning? Because as daily life turns more virtual, people crave face-to-face opportunities to build long-term connections.

We are a recognised leader in corporate meetings and events. Our suite of event planning services includes complete end-to-end management as well as a la cart design and execution. With more than 25 years of experience at the local level, and decades more at the international level, we know how to best “set the stage” for your message to be heard. You get:

  • Increased knowledge retention
  • Superior message reinforcement
  • Higher levels of corporate trust
  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • Better team-building
  • Greater emotional commitment

Not only do we put on a good show, we focus on measuring the impact before, during and after the event. Think it’s hard to show return on investment? Think again!

That’s a brief look at what we do; now tell us more about you! Click here to get in touch about working on your business objectives.