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Behavioural Economics

Behavioural economics is the study of human psychology and understanding what influences human behaviour and decision-making. We like to think we are always rational in our thinking and the decisions we make, but behavioural science studies conclude that our emotions and external factors tend to trump rationality. Meaning, our emotions, more times than not, play a bigger part in what drives behaviour and our motivations.  

At BI WORLDWIDE, our approach focuses on incorporating and combining behavioural economics and psychological principles backed by research, into the program design, communications, and rewards, which is proven to increase the rate of achievement, engagement and overall performance. This translates to powerful programs designed to deliver inspiration based on insight, not guesswork.

Our Approach

  • Design a campaign that engages.

    Reward behaviours, then achievements, then results.

  • Engage correctly.

    Nudge from knowing it to feeling it to doing it.

  • Use visual scorecards.

    Be graphic and dramatic.

  • Reach out.

    Simply, frequently and with relevance.

  • Pick the right rewards.

    Reward a person who continues to move up and so will your results.

We are problem solvers

We look at your vision and objectives to design and execute programs that work. Fusing science, technology, and humanity, we're your way forward. As Australia’s only full-service, fully integrated engagement agency, our expertise has no missing parts.

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