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DayMaker: Employee Recognition Program

Attract, engage and retain the best employees by recognising awesome work, rewarding victories and celebrating anniversaries with our employee recognition program.

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Make every moment count.

 "I was employee of the month six years ago, so I have all the recognition I need to stay motivated."
~ No employee, ever

Employee recognition isn't a one-time act. It shouldn't be reserved for special occasions. If you really want to make a lasting impact, recognition should be used to reinforce key moments throughout an employee's relationship with your brand, from the time they first apply for a job through referring your company as a great place to work. Here’s what a continual recognition strategy says to your employees:

Decision Day: This is what you can expect if you join our team.
First Day: You're welcome here.
Every Day: The work you're doing matters.
Achievement Day: Your accomplishment is worthy of celebration.
Referral Day: Help us find more people like you.

Sound overwhelming? Hardly. Done well, recognition is simply part of how your organisation operates. And with the right employee recognition program, it’s seamless, painless and powerful. DayMaker is our comprehensive employee recognition system, offering state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled support. Using the principles of behavioural science, DayMaker brings your employee value proposition to life in a fun, easy-to-use, employee-centric program. Here's what DayMaker has to offer:

  • Results-based recognition: Use recognition and nominations to align employee efforts towards achieving strategic initiatives and targets.
  • Service Rewards: Celebrate employee work anniversaries and other milestones with a personalised celebration page filled with comments, photos and videos from co-workers, family and friends.
  • My Dashboard: Get a clear picture of recognition participation metrics that measure overall engagement against targets and benchmarking.
  • Recognition Advisor: Recognition Advisor makes it quicker and easier to recognise employees starting with their very first day and throughout their entire work-life cycle, a key to employee engagement
  • Equity and Inclusion Advisor: Individualised manager insights for more equitable and inclusive recognition. 
  • Game Mechanics: Incorporate points and badges to reinforce giving or receiving recognition, celebrate milestones and accomplish pre-defined performance objectives.
  • Audience Smart Capabilities: Create awareness and maintain engagement with connected and non-connected employees using emails, texts, program reminders and print collateral.
  • Intuitive and Fast Search: Make it fast, fun and cool to recognise accomplishments.
  • Awards They'll Love: Offer an inspirational, vivid and culturally appropriate award collection featuring more than 3.7 million of the most desired redemption options worldwide.
  • Game Arcade: Whether you're looking to reinforce behaviours that drive your business or recognise specific goal achievements, Game Arcade is a simple and fun way to reward the outstanding performance. 
  • Learning: Our learning modules automatically activates when a SCORM course is loaded and assigned to any smart audience segmentation. Earn rewards and/or badges based on completion 
  • Technology Integrations: Ensure a seamless onboarding experience, turnkey integration and ongoing personal customer service in the areas where your employees live and work
  • Contests: This one-stop sales module has nine content structures to facilitate a variety of incentives and activities instantly.  

Take recognition everywhere. With RecognitionNow, it’s never been faster or easier to recognise everyday moments.


Send a note of appreciation, give points or shop for rewards, all from your favourite work programs: Outlook, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Chrome and Yammer.


Let's give your employees the recognition they deserve, each and every time. 

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