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Your Channel Partners are your biggest brand allies, but their structure means these connections demand specialised know-how and finesse. By taking a person-centric approach, we prove and build relationships to turn your channel collaborators into advocates. We’ve seen it work, time and time again. 

Cementing alliances with your channel partners is the standout way to grow loyalty and emotional connection to your brand. When they feel engaged, valued and incentivised to perform, they’re more likely to boost your brand reputation because they believe in you. BI WORLDWIDE is here to help you implement successful sales solutions to improve these crucial business bonds.  

Create brand ambassadors 

More than wholesalers, dealers, retailers, resellers or agents, your indirect sales network plays a pivotal role in making your brand stick in the minds of your customers. Going the extra mile with your channel partners to raise your relationship is a significant opportunity to improve performance. 

We partner with you to shift the status quo from a transactional to a relationship-focused incentive model. BI WORLDWIDE brings end-to-end experience, from thought leadership, program design and implementation to management, rewards curation, fulfilment and customer support. Our in-house experts have all you need to champion your channel engagement under one roof.

Incremental insights  

Most sales incentives target top performers. While this is a fail-safe plan – don’t forget about empowering your middle performers. Using GoalQuest®, we help combine both to tap into undeveloped revenue; the top 20% and the middle 60%. ‘Move the middle’ to engage your entire sales team and maximise your ability to deliver results. 

We investigate income targeting as an obstacle to increasing sales. People become comfortable at an income level that sustains their lifestyle, where they’re at ease with their success. When salespeople reach this income level, they tend to put the brakes on. The general sentiment is – the extra reward isn’t worth the extra effort.  

BI WORLDWIDE patent, GoalQuest®, overcomes this phenomenon by driving incremental activity. This tool allows your channel partners to define their target and provides the incentives to go the extra mile.  

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Nurture loyal partners 

We have a proven process to fortify your network of advocates. First, we analyse and do a deep dive to understand your partners, seize market share and grow revenue with insights you can action. We then seek to connect, build consumer awareness and pull your business into sharper focus with targeted education and data-defined messaging.   

Next, we build advocacy with your key influencers. Because social is now the fast-moving selling sweet spot, we put you in front of the right influencers to make your brand highly shareable. At the same time, we stir up motivation via creative promotions with covetable rewards to compel loyalty. Our actions are purpose-designed to emotionally engage your channels and reach set results.   

From awareness to advocacy 

Most channel ecosystems are challenging. Cross-channel noise, filtering, intermediaries and gatekeepers are just the tip of these network nuances. We simplify and quieten all the chatter to find smart ways to optimise your channel sales strategy. We want your partners to back your brand, not set your brand back. We investigate whether B2B loyalty programs or reseller incentive programs are your best way forward. We also explore how to hasten ROI and improve key performance indicators across the customer lifecycle. 

Looking through a Behavioural Economics (BE) lens, at BI WORLDWIDE, we use a consultative approach to solve your business problems and design impactful programs that encourage growth. We work with Academics and leading industry experts to tailor a flexible range of industry-specific solutions.  

Build your channel sales strategy.

GoalQuest®: your peerless sales incentive program

Harness the potential of self-selected goals to pull focus on where your salespeople want to put their energy. Segment your team based on comparable capacity and set goals that balance aspiration with accessibility. We built this patented sales incentive design from the ground up, so expect a platform that outperforms all others. A one-month sales contest saw a 22% increase in overall baseline sales, with 67% of stores driving sales above the usual baseline. Three stores hit their three-month target in ten days, while complimentary product sales increased by 15%. And that’s just one GoalQuest® success story.

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Channel Smart

Your indirect sales network, be it your wholesalers, dealers, retailers, resellers, agents or influencers play a critical role in elevating your brand in the minds of your customers. But why would they have a special interest in your success? Are you going the extra mile to create longlasting relationships with your partners-in-success? Are you inspiring them to be brand ambassadors? More importantly, are you challenging the norms by shifting the equation from a transactional to a relationship-centric incentive model?

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Rewards Marketplace: open for better business

Let your salespeople lose for an online shopping spree. Shop this curated marketplace that features meaningful, high-quality lifestyle and experience-based rewards. Treat your teams to must-have merchandise, unmissable experiences, and travel options. Smart home tech, a boast-worthy BBQ, a sailing adventure or a virtual cooking class – this marketplace motivates. Maximise potential, turn your sales force into brand advocates and grow revenue simultaneously. Insights inform our items to drive buzz and action in your sales teams. This is where dream articles, destinations and experiences live.

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