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Who We Are

We understand the key ingredients that combine to improve the performance of your people. Whether it's employees, sales teams or sales channels, we know how to change behaviours so that you achieve your business objectives.

Our mission is to turn inspiration into real results for our clients. We understand how to inspire employees, run custom sales incentives, build channel loyalty, and create event experiences to engage your audience better than anyone. We have the tools and resources to help your business tap into that knowledge to drive and sustain measurable results.

For over 70 years, we've helped thousands of companies globally to retain their talented employees, motivate sales teams, engage loyal channel partners, and grow their businesses. BI WORLDWIDE is now a multinational company serving Global 2000 corporations in 140+ countries and 20+ languages. Despite our size, we haven't lost sight of our core purpose: To deliver measurable results that truly have a positive impact for our clients and their businesses.

How did we get to be so good at inspiring people and delivering results? Experience is part of it, but it also stems from our unique approach to building solutions.

We use the science of behavioural economics

We design and deliver customisable employee, sales and channel solutions that are grounded in the science of behavioural economics. Behavioural economics helps us understand the human behaviour motivating economic decisions. It's the science of more effective program design, and it's what gives us the edge. We apply behavioural economic principles to all aspects of our work — from the initial program design, to ongoing participant communications, to our carefully curated Rewards Marketplace, to bespoke incentive travel and corporate events. Everything we do is thoughtfully designed to engage and reward employees, salespeople, and channel partners.

In other words, we look at how thought and emotion combine to drive human decisions and behaviour. We don't have to guess at what might motivate your employees or customers, because we use scientific research and data to determine what will really inspire them. Then we act on it.

We differentiate rapidly

Our solutions are either bespoke or highly configurable, so you won’t find any off-the-shelf products here. While many of our technology platforms start with the same framework to save on development cost and implementation time, we design programs specifically to achieve our clients’ business objectives. And since your organisation has a unique culture, unique challenges and unique goals, we will create to suit you — we won't squeeze you into a ready-made mould.

We consistently develop new features on our programs such as Recognition Advisor, our manager nudging tool on our DayMaker employee recognition platform; or Design Code, our proprietary program design process based on design thinking principles.

We have "glocal" reach

BI WORLDWIDE Australia is both a global and local organisation. We have a local team of behavioural and incentive specialists who understand Australian business culture. Our teams in Sydney and Melbourne serve our clients independently, but we are also backed by our global network for resources, R&D, and best practices. While you may work with a local team day-to-day, that team is bringing you the expertise from 1500+ associates in all corners of the world.

This enables us to offer you rewards from all over the world as well with local rewards fulfilment in each country, including our global Experiences Marketplace.

We know the power of building real connections to strengthen your brand

We recognise the value of events in building personal connections that influence behaviour. We know how to create unique and emotive experiences that will engage your audience and promote loyalty to your brand. BI WORLDWIDE's Veritas Events has operated in Australia for almost 30 years and is consistently chosen by leading Australian and Asia Pacific businesses to design bespoke event experiences — creating lasting partnerships with our clients and their audiences. Our dynamic team of creative event organisers and technical producers create unique and cutting-edge business events, product launches, high-end incentive travel programs, exhibitions, or conferences to showcase your brand.

Using world class technical production and digital innovation, we provide end-to-end event management, including event logistics, event registration, venue liaison, destination management, speaker sourcing, content creation, webcasting, mobile apps and audio-visual production.

In short, we create memorable experiences for your audience.

That's a bit about us; now tell us more about you!