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BI WORLDWIDE is a full-service engagement and inspiration agency powered by expert culture builders. Performance thrives in the balance of business and people, which is why we tailor our end-to-end solutions to your objectives. Because each employee and sales extraordinaire has a distinct drive, we get granular to design meaningful experiences that matter. 

You know your people and place best. We partner with you to optimise all areas of your organisation so you can engage authentically, start conversations and see unrivalled results. Given the right recognition or incentives, your staff are eight times more likely to find work inspiring. 

Global expertise applied locally

BI WORLDWIDE is a multinational company serving Global 2000 Corporations in 140+ countries and 20+ languages. Yes, we’re big, but our purpose remains the same: to make your people feel valued and supported. Proud people build better businesses.

While our tech is first-class and our platform unparalleled, our impressive team and capabilities signal our success. We bring a depth of local experience complemented by our network of global associates. For your employee recognition or sales incentive projects, more minds mean more ideas – BI WORLDWIDE has plenty of both.

Over 70 years, we’ve helped countless organisations motivate and engage their people and grow their businesses. Inhabiting the space between local relevance and global influence, we pair global rewards and Experiences Marketplace with local fulfilment.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, our local team of behavioural and incentive specialists understand the nuances that shape individual and collective drive, participation, values and meaning-making. We know the heart and soul of Australian business, backed by our global network of resources, R&D, and best practices.

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We’re people pleasers

People are your engine and opportunity. As problem-solvers, we uncover the nature of your needs and practice the science of inspiration. Real results don’t come from getting close to a solution.

Energised by curiosity, we know what kind of engagement shapes the shift you want to see. Whether your goal is to affect behaviour change or to lift performance, participation, culture or mental health, we base our solutions on specifics, not assumptions.

With multiple avenues for sales motivation and employee engagement, BI WORLDWIDE delivers sustained, measurable results.

Experienced experts

We’re a carefully selected crowd of specialists, thought leaders and certified academics. Our custom-design, people-focused sales and channel solutions are grounded in the science of behavioural economics.

Combining behavioural economic and psychological principles, we interpret how and why people behave and make decisions. This translates to powerful programs designed to deliver inspiration based on insight. We deconstruct employee motivation, so engagement is guaranteed, not guesswork. That's our edge, value and expertise. 

Finding meaning in their work is the best predictor of an employee’s discretionary effort. This perspective informs everything we do, from discovery to feedback forms. We focus our investigation where thought meets emotion and use scientific research and data to determine what will ignite purpose. 


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Our individuality  

With design thinking at the core of our approach, we tailor our deliverables so they’re never hit and miss. Because your organisation has unique culture, challenges and goals, we won’t squeeze you into a stock solution.

BI WORLDWIDE'S technology platforms build in all your framework favourites, but that’s where ordinary ends. Pinned to your business objectives, we custom-create software and tailor our program features in step with design thinking. The resulting solutions seamlessly integrate into your every day; extensive and accessible, the changes feel intuitive.