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With the help of expert insights and tools, we design successful sales team motivation strategies around your needs. Our proven framework allows us to motivate your team and tailor programs to optimise your incremental sales. Because incremental sales and incremental revenue go hand-in-hand, we make this our focal point to affect a business-wide sales shift. 

We know the numbers needed to transform your business and forecast sales results so you can put your spending in perspective. Our smart strategies marry behavioural economics and data-driven analytics to hit your marks, spark enthusiasm and reward the behaviours you want to see. 

Comprehensive salesforce support 

While our technology is top-notch, we don’t lead with it. More than a platform, we’re an end-to-end inspiration agency with the skills to set up your sales team as your primary growth engine. We push ourselves beyond the tech, honing in on individual selling and team collaboration to specify the best ratio for results. 

Research and Behavioural Economics (BE) factors form the foundation of all our service offerings. We inform all our actions with investigation and facts specific to your business and people. Because motivation is personal, we design around strengths and weaknesses to incentivise individually, spur self-drive, and champion teamwork. We simplify incentive schemes to align with your sales goals, procedures and targets. And we’re transparent and inclusive while we do it.  

People-Specific Solutions 

If your sales motivation efforts have fallen flat due to poor design and ineffective planning – BI WORLDWIDE will shake things up. We defer to the science of inspiration to determine what drives motivation across teams, collectively and individually. BE factors in how emotions and time constraints affect choice, and we use this information to deliver better results.  

We’re all influenced by achievement, power or affiliation, and this inclination comes from life experiences and the cultural norms that affect how we see things.  

At BI WORLDWIDE, we discern your team’s motivational drivers and lean into them with targeted cash and non-cash rewards. 

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Performance-Relevant Programs

Incremental sales signal your team is capturing and converting the right leads. The more members lifting sales, the better; leverage the power of incremental performance by engaging all sales groups, not just peak performers.  

‘Move your middle’ with anything from rewards to opportunities to advance their knowledge or skills. We highlight the value in your underperformers and institute incentives that ignite drive. With all the expertise and resources under one roof, our carefully planned array of solutions caters to all budgets across all industries. 

SalesMaker: your do-it-all sales contest engine 

This is a sales contest game-changer, a centralised engine driving business-boosting results from your sales teams. An in-the-pocket tool that goes everywhere your team members do, amplifying momentum and motivation. With the option to DIY contest design or leave it in our capable hands, this proven platform lights an incentive spark under individuals and teams. Flexible and dynamic, SalesMaker includes everything from learning and training to delivery and follow-up.  

This one-stop sales contest centre has nine content structures to facilitate a variety of contests.  

Award Them Now allows for instant gratification, no setup or tracking.

Challengepoint offers self-select goals and an earn-as-you-go award payout structure for short-term contests.

The Do This Get That structure rewards participants for completing a specific activity or product sale.

The Double Down feature is a quarterly objective program with escalating goals and rewards.

Our patented rules structure GoalQuest® features self-selected goals and an all-or-nothing award payout.

The Leaderboard shows competitive stack ranking and then issues the corresponding payouts.

Learn2Earn reinforces learning, tests for competency and rewards for results.

The Objectives structure allocates individual aims and then rewards them for success.

Step It Up defines levels of performance and rewards for the highest level achieved.

Build your channel sales strategy.

GoalQuest®: your peerless sales incentive program

Harness the potential of self-selected goals to pull focus on where your salespeople want to put their energy. Segment your team based on comparable capacity and set goals that balance aspiration with accessibility. We built this patented sales incentive design from the ground up, so expect a platform that outperforms all others. A one-month sales contest saw a 22% increase in overall baseline sales, with 67% of stores driving sales above the usual baseline. Three stores hit their three-month target in ten days, while complimentary product sales increased by 15%. And that’s just one GoalQuest® success story.

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Want to motivate your sales team? This is a game-changer: SalesMaker is a proven sales contest engine that can help you get powerful results from your salespeople. Sales contests are a powerful motivational tool — when they're done right. The truth: it's incredibly hard to design, deploy and sustain your own sales contest. Despite your best intentions, what starts as a great idea quickly morphs into a burden. SalesMaker is a comprehensive solution that eliminates the headaches and question marks related to running incentive programs inhouse:

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Channel Smart

Your indirect sales network, be it your wholesalers, dealers, retailers, resellers, agents or influencers play a critical role in elevating your brand in the minds of your customers. But why would they have a special interest in your success? Are you going the extra mile to create longlasting relationships with your partners-in-success? Are you inspiring them to be brand ambassadors? More importantly, are you challenging the norms by shifting the equation from a transactional to a relationship-centric incentive model?

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