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Our regular webinars cover a variety of business topics and are hosted by experts across a wide range of industries. From employee engagement to customer loyalty, sales performance to channel incentives — we inspire the people who matter most to your business.

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Intentional Inspiration

Moments of inspiration have never been more important. Hear Dr Brad Shuck, University of Louisville, share the latest research on inspiration and intentionality. You'll walk away knowing how to create moments of inspiration for yourself, your teams and your organisation.


Operation: Gamification

Gamification can be applied to almost any business scenario that would benefit from attention, engagement and results. Hear Lea Sorrentino, Managing Director of BI WORLDWIDE's Bunchball division, and Christine Jefferson, LMS and Gamification Administrator at Dell Boomi, share their expertise around driving business results using gamification.


New world. New rules

2020 brought about significant changes in the way people go to work each day and it's no surprise employees are in need of a little extra inspiration. Hear BIW's latest research on employee engagement and the twelve aspects of work that drive employee effort, commitment and inspiration.


Creating a connection through virtual events

Despite the many changes that have impacted corporate events, one thing remains the same – the need to share your message and create a meaningful connection with your audience. BI WORLDWIDE's Dawn Martin joins Amy Teal from Stratasys to share how to successfully shift different types of corporate events from in-person to virtual.


Taking the lead on employee wellbeing

With the added disruption businesses are facing, it's even more difficult to know how to create and sustain a work culture that prioritises the health and wellbeing of employees. BI WORLDWIDE's Charlie Heidrick and Lianne Jacobs of Vitality Group share how leaders can support the health and wellbeing of employees.


Inspiring sales performance

In business, change is inevitable and right now that is more true than ever. What hasn’t changed is the need to drive effort, activity and revenue from your sales teams. That’s where inspiration comes in. Hear sales leaders from BI WORLDWIDE, Motorola Solutions and Change Healthcare share how inspired sales teams drive measurable business results.


Leading with compassion in times of change

In a world where almost everything is different, leaders are showing up with a new skillset. They're leading with dignity and inspiring with authenticity. They are relentless in their commitment to unselfish services and humility. They are taking it as an opportunity to live and lead in a new way: with compassion. Hear Dr Brad Shuck share insights and action for leaders facing today's uncertain times.


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