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WEBINAR: Intentional Inspiration

Written by: Brad Shuck, PhD, University of Louisville
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Dr Brad Shuck of the University of Louisville shares the latest research on inspiration and intentionality, including how to create moments of inspiration for yourself and those around you. 

At a time when everything seems to have changed, moments of inspiration have never been more important.

Inspiration lifts us and elevates the performance of our teams. It drives our wellbeing and outlook. Moments of inspiration are transformational and they encourage us to keep pushing. Often, we remember those moments in life that inspire — that move us in a new direction.

Inspiration, however, can be hard to capture in our daily routines. As leaders and employees, it can be hard to find some days. Yet, when distractions swirl and deadlines loom, it's just the motivation we need to be extraordinary. To lift and raise our game. Connecting to those moments and creating moments for others to be inspired is about being intentional, knowing that small things can make a big difference.

In this thought-provoking webinar, Brad Shuck, PhD, Associate Professor and Program Director at the University of Louisville:

  • Explores the science of inspiration and intentionality.
  • Shares the latest research driving organisational culture.
  • Helps you apply the principles of intentional inspiration to your work and personal life.

HowDoYouInspire.pngHow do you inspire your team? Contact us to discuss strategies that will create moments of inspiration in your business.

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Dr Brad Shuck

Dr Brad Shuck

Associate Professor and Program Director of the Human Resource and Organizational Development program
University of Louisville

Dr Brad Shuck is an internationally recognised thought-leader in the areas of employee engagement, leadership, and employee health and wellbeing. His work has been positioned as industry leading and at the cutting edge of research driven evidence-based practice. Dr Shuck is routinely featured in international media outlets including Forbes, The Washington Post, TIME, Business World Online, India’s Economic Times, and the Hindu Times. Shuck has worked with leaders in virtually every industry throughout the public and private sectors across four continents. His insights are widely applied in both the world's largest Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies, as well as small and medium-sized organisations seeking to grow and empower employees.

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