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WEBINAR: Operation Gamification

Lea Sorrentino, Managing Director of BI WORLDWIDE's Bunchball division, and Christine Jefferson, LMS and Gamification Administrator at Dell Boomi, share their expertise around driving business results using gamification. 

Your mission: 
Discover one of the easiest and most effective ways to change behaviour.

If the word "gamification" sounds like something out of reach for your organisation — it's not! We'll decode the misunderstandings of gamification and reveal how it uses things people love most about games while driving toward a very specific, measurable goal.

What's your mission objective?
Want to increase platform adoption? Done.
Need to successfully onboard new employees? All systems go.
Ready to launch a new training program? Game on.

Gamification can be applied to almost any business scenario that needs attention, engagement and results.

In this webinar, Lea Sorrentino, Managing Director of BI WORLDWIDE's Bunchball division, shares:

  • What gamification is (and how it's different from everyday games)
  • Why it works to drive behaviour change
  • How to get started and set yourself up for long-term success

You'll also hear from Christine Jefferson of Dell Boomi, who will share how her organisation used gamification to create an engaging eLearning experience focused on driving user certification. 

Watch now.

Lea Sorrentino

Lea Sorrentino

Managing Director, Bunchball Division

Lea has over 7 years of experience working with Fortune 1000 clients across industries, focused on supporting and maximizing consumer and employee engagement.
Christine Jefferson

Christine Jefferson

Christine has been implementing and managing LMS systems for the past 7 years, working to strategically create unique gamification scenarios for learners. Driven by engagement, she takes pride in providing the best user experience possible. As an LMS/gamification administrator, her role includes driving behaviour, return engagement, and success for all learners. In addition to her primary job functions, Christine has been recognized as a 2017 ATD Excellence Award for Innovation, Cornerstone RAVE Award nominee for Innovation in 2018 and Absorb Best use of LMS to Achieve Strategic Goals in 2020.

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