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WEBINAR: New world. New Rules

BI WORLDWIDE's Managing Director of Research & Strategy, Amy Stern, joins Research Manager, Charlie Heidrick, to share their latest research on employee engagement and discuss how 2020 has changed the workplace.

This year has brought about significant changes in the way people go to work each day. Some employees have worked tirelessly to provide essential services, often with reduced staff or in isolation from their family. Others have transitioned to doing their jobs entirely from home, faced for the first time with balancing work productivity and caregiving or homeschooling. Every situation is different, presenting a unique challenge for company leaders: How do you support, engage and inspire employees in this new way of working?

In BI WORLDWIDE's annual benchmark study on employee engagement, we found that remote workers are just as committed to their organisations and working just as hard. But at the same time, they also report being less inspired.

Listen as Amy Stern and Charlie Heidrick share the results of this year's study, including:

  • The twelve aspects of work that are most impactful in driving outcomes like effort, commitment and inspiration
  • How these aspects have changed over the past year and what makes them relevant in 2020
  • What leaders can do to focus on employee engagement in their organisations

Watch now.

Amy Stern

Amy Stern

Managing Director, Research and Strategy

Amy Stern is the Managing Director of Research and Strategy at BI WORLDWIDE. Her research has resulted in peer-reviewed publications, invited lectures, research awards, and faculty positions at two universities. Amy’s deep understanding of employee experimental psychology allows her to combine critical thinking and creativity to create custom research that uniquely solves clients' business questions. She advises companies on how to create a happy workforce by identifying what is important to employees, even if the employee cannot quite put a finger on it.
Charlie Heidrick

Charlie Heidrick

Research Manager, Research and Strategy

Dr Charlie Heidrick is the Research Manager for the Research and Strategy team at BI WORLDWIDE. Charlie’s background includes the study of motivation, health, and performance. Central to his research is the thought that our behaviours are affected by many domains, such as personal, cultural, and social. Charlie used these principles to earn a PhD from Colorado State University in Applied Social and Health Psychology while studying the health behaviour of Northern Colorado adults. Charlie brings research expertise and a curiosity about human behaviour to the Research and Strategy team at BI WORLDWIDE.

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