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Recognising employees just got easier

When it comes to employee recognition, consistency matters. But let’s face it: A great manager has a lot on his or her plate. When giving recognition is one more item on a long to-do list, it can get lost in the shuffle—despite even the best of intentions.

That's where BI WORLDWIDE Australia's Recognition Advisor comes in. This innovative tool within our Employee Recognition Solution, DayMaker, helps managers be better managers, taking the burden of “remembering to recognise employees” off their plates.

Recognition Advisor makes it quicker and easier to recognise employees starting with their very first day and throughout their entire work-life cycle, a key to employee engagement.

How does it work?

Using data algorithms, behavioural science principles, and an employee's recognition history, Recognition Advisor will provide you “nudges” to recognise team members at precise times to maximise the impact of the recognition you give and minimise the negative impact of recognition never received.

Recognition Advisor will organise your team into three groups:

  1. New Hires - An employee who has joined in the past 30 days and who has not been recognised by you in one of the eligible recognition programs.
  2. Overdue - An employee who has not been recognised in the past 90 days by you in one of the eligible recognition programs.
  3. Upcoming - An employee who has been recognised in the past 90 days by you in one of the eligible recognition programs.


How will I know what to do?

Recognition Advisor offers several ways to keep you informed regarding the status of your team and will provide guidance for giving recognition.

Does it matter? Oh Yeah!

Our studies show that turnover is 17.7% lower among employees who experience at least one recognition moment throughout their eligible program tenure.

Does frequency of recognition matter? Indeed!

There is a correlation between frequency of receiving recognitions and turnover. Employee turnover decreases as frequency of recognitions increases. A 10% reduction in turnover is seen between low to high receiving rate.

Does giving recognition with points matter? Absolutely!

A positive correlation existed between employee turnover and recognition receiving rate, driven almost exclusively by those receiving recognitions with awards. Turnover is four times higher among employees with the lowest ‘recognitions with awards' receiving rates compared to the highest rate of receiving recognition with awards.

What's in it for me?

Recognition Advisor is designed to keep you informed about the importance of giving recognition and to support your efforts to recognise your team members at the appropriate time. Studies show that frequent recognition has a positive impact on employee happiness in the workplace. Moreover, a happy employee is a more engaged and productive employee.

Recognition Advisor is just one way DayMaker makes it simple and easy to foster loyalty, satisfaction, and tenure among your employees. Take recognition off the mental load and off the to-do list. Put it where it belongs—in the deserving hands of employees.

Learn how we can help you recognise and motivate employees.

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