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WEBINAR: Inspiration at work: How IBM recognises their employees

What types of rewards elicit the highest response from employees? What drives them to join a company, work hard and stay for years to come? What core reward principles stand the test of time while allowing for flexibility when business or market conditions change?

In this session, we look beyond base compensation to the rewards that inspire performance and lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention. You’ll hear from IBM, one of the world’s largest brands, about the innovative, adaptable reward strategies they rely on to engage an ever-evolving workforce in a dramatically-shifting business climate.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the efficacy of reward types and the impact a reward strategy has on business results like employee retention and performance.
  2. Design a rewards program that allows for flexibility depending on business or market conditions.
  3. Replicate recognition and reward best practices from leading companies.

Our speakers:

  • Norm Williams, Senior Vice President of Clients & Brand, BI WORLDWIDE
  • Steve Moss, Global Compensation Leader, Recognition, IBM

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