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CASE STUDY: Recognition Fosters Retention

Recent analysis of five-year recognition data highlights its impact on our Australian client's employee retention. Employee recognition is essential for an engaging work environment, especially in competitive markets. This research shows that regular appreciation boosts immediate happiness and strengthens employees' connection to their roles and company culture.

In pursuit of understanding and enhancing the efficacy of their strategies, our Client's Rewards team embarked on a mission to measure long-term trends within the organisation. The data presented compelling evidence, statistics that underscored the tangible value of investing in employee recognition programs.

Working with our client, we understand that recognition is the heartbeat of a thriving workplace. The data speaks volumes:BIW Infographics (REC) (52).png

The results showed that employees who feel recognised are not just content; they are the ones who stay committed, with a striking 27% higher retention rate than their peers who receive less acknowledgment. Over the 5-years, our client's employee retention increased from 55% among the least recognised to an enviable 82% in the most recognised group.

We champion recognition programs that are far more than just a line item on a budget sheet. They are the investments that spark transformative workplace relationships and drive employee motivation to new heights. This is where BI WORLDWIDE shines, turning data into actionable insights for HR leaders and executives.

The call to action is clear: strategic, heartfelt recognition is not optional; it's essential.

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