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Enhancing Employee Experience with Technology Integrations

Technology is moving faster than ever before. Organisations need to keep up and utilise the latest technology integrations available to enhance their employee experience.

Enhancing the Employee Experience with Technology Integrations 

Technology is moving fast, faster than ever before. Organisations want to keep up and utilise the latest technology and integrations available to enhance the employee experience. BUT there are barriers and challenges making this process complicated from security, costs, compatibility, speed, and flexibility, while taking into account other projects I.T departments have on their plate.    

BI WORLDWIDE’s technology solutions take the compilations out of the equation, giving our clients the peace of mind of a seamless and smooth transition when implementing the latest technology modules, integrations, and API solutions.   


Integrations and API Solutions

BI WORLDWIDE has extensive experience integrating with hundreds of data providers including Workday, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors and more. Utilising Informatica Cloud and iPaaS, it provides our clients with great ease of customisation, improved security, more client control, flexibility, enhanced integration testing, and robust monitoring.


Widget API requests are authenticated to preserve the integrity of your users' participation and uses encrypted connections for data transfer.  

Speed of deployment is another key factor in any project and the simplicity and ease of integration inherent with REST APIs ensures that the technical integration will not be the bottleneck in a project. 

Pure HTML code for simple integration into your existing tools on your terms. 

Currently, most programs require the ability to recognise users across a variety of platforms and devices. By their very nature, with the use of REST APIs can easily receive calls from all these various platforms and devices. 

Cost Effective - Pre-built and ready to go 
Technology platforms that already have integrations and APIs pre-built means little set up time, therefore cost effective.   

How Technology Integrations can be Utilised 

How can integrations be implemented to enhance your engagement programs and create a more memorable employee experience. Below are a few examples where our clients have applied varies integrations to their engagement programs. 

APIs can be used to deliver recognition data to an organisation’s communication and intranet tools. For example, recognitions can be displayed on TV monitors throughout the office, or displayed as a recognition feed on an intranet page. This not only amplifies the recognition itself, but it also helps to bring additional awareness, reinforce behaviours and promote use of your recognition and rewards program.  

Badges Earned   
Utilise the power of gamification by incorporating and showcasing badges earned to reinforce giving or receiving recognition, celebrate milestones and accomplishments of pre-defined performance objectives. For example, allowing Managers to see badges earned on the internal corporate directory page for each of their team members will assist them in their performance review discussions and further encourage the celebration of achievements.   

Recognition Everywhere  
Integrations into various work tools enable the ability to send recognition, issue points, view budget balances and access the Rewards Marketplace. Those integrations include Slack, Outlook, Teams, Yammer, Workplace, Chrome and Google Workspace, making recognising and rewarding colleagues more accessible.   

Performance data
Our technology modules come with nine incentive structures from rankings, Step It Up, GoalQuest® and Learn2Earn. Our clients see great value in integrating with their Learning Management Systems, corporate directories, or intranet pages to track progress and completion of incentives.     

Individual Points Balances and Redemption Activity 
Integrations are a great way to increase visibility of individual reward points balances, new points deposits, and redemption activity. Displaying this data acts as a great reminder on why the individual earned the reward and encourages them to think about what to redeem their points for.   

Get a clear picture of recognition participation metrics and performance results by passing the data to your internal systems, with the added flexibility to add report filters and visual dashboards.  

Chatbot / AI Integration  
Driven by AI, chatbots process data to deliver responses based on requests. Meaning at the most basic level, it allows humans to interact with various data sets as if they were communicating with a real person. This can be used to interact with chatbot to request information on points balances, top redeemed merchandise categories / products, recognition activity across the organisation, badge activity and even use chatbot to submit recognitions. AI can analyse vast amount of data to identify patterns, trends and associations to help organisations make better decisions on their recognition and reward programs. 



Our technical capabilities let us bring the strongest solutions and ensure seamless integrations to drive enhanced results.
Through a variety of partnerships and integrations with best-in-class products, our customers can simplify their access to BI WORLDWIDE solutions, seamlessly transfer participant and program data between multiple systems and gain better insight into program performance.

Tom Nash

Tom Nash

Account Director

Tom is experienced in account management across a range of industries including automotive, telecommunications, health, finance, insurance, government, retail, and sports. Joining the BIW team in 2015, he works with clients in planning, implementing, and managing effective programs that achieve measurable results.

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