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CASE STUDY: The Fast Track to Driving Sales

The all to familiar problem: how do you know what ROI you are getting for your investment? Read on to discover how we were able to revolutionise our clients incentive program, generating a significant cost reduction and increased productivity from the team.

The fast track to driving sales 

Start your engine
A luxury auto manufacturer had been spending a lot in cash each year to motivate dealership salespeople to sell more of their Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. The problem was they didn’t know what ROI they were getting for their investment. 

BI WORLDWIDE reviewed years of historical data and determined that the millions in cash was failing to move the needle. After sharing the data, we recommended a solution that would: 

  • Measure engagement and ROI 
  • Affect behaviour change of dealer sales teams 
  • Move from a cash to non-cash incentive structure 
  • Sell more CPO vehicles 

Buckle up! 
We designed a 60-day GoalQuest® program that divided salespeople into quintiles and allowed them to select their own goal level based on their personal sales trends. Those who hit their goal would earn points redeemable for experiences and non-cash luxury items. 

Life’s too short to drive slow
The GoalQuest rules structure pushes reps to get out of their comfort zone with payouts that are commensurate with the risk. 
The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. If they failed to achieve the level, they received nothing.




Going the distance

The GoalQuest solution was a huge success: 

  • 91% of salespeople selected a goal 
  • Overall sales lift of 4.1%
  • 40% reduction in incentive cost per unit from prior year
  • Participants produced 12.2% lift over baseline 
  • All participating quintiles produced a lift. This meant that not only were the top performers selling CPO vehicles; the program also engaged lower and middle performers 
  • 61% of Sales Consultants sold CPO units each month of the program vs. 51% during the same period the prior year 
  • The cost per eligible vehicle incentive was down from $101 per unit to $61 per unit 
  • Most importantly, they sold more cars. They realised total program sales of 19,751 vs. 18,971 sales in the same time period

Additionally, salespeople who participated in the program continued to sell more CPO vehicles after the promotion period. 


Put the pedal to the metal

When these dealership salespeople were able to self-select a goal to earn experiences versus earning a cash incentive for each CPO vehicle they sold, participation increased by 10% and they saw an over 4% lift in sales.