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Design Code™ - Transform your engagement program

Design Code™ transforms the way you approach program design. It combines techniques of 'design thinking' with BI WORLDWIDE's research and proprietary tools in employee and channel engagement to deliver a tailor-made solution that puts your participants at the core.

In an era of dynamic and competitive business, many companies are exploring newer and faster ways to engage their employees and channel partners. With over seven decades of experience in loyalty and engagement, BI WORLDWIDE has revolutionised the way engagement programs are conceived and designed. How? By bringing empathy back to the engagement design process.

Design Code™ is BI WORLDWIDE's proprietary human-centric design methodology developed by infusing design thinking techniques and tools into domain expertise on Rewards & Recognition, Channel and Employee Engagement, Behavioural Economics, and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) research.

The Perfect Blend of Empathy, Creativity and Collaboration.

Design Code™ follows a structured three-stage approach covering Empathy, Ideation, and Solution. It will help you

  • Dive into the real needs of your employees or channel partners
  • Uncover and reframe your problems by eliminating biases.
  • Leverage design thinking tools to ideate differently
  • Incorporate principles of behavioural economics, New Rules of Engagement and other proprietary frameworks to arrive at high-impact ideas
  • Benchmark your program against the best in class using BI WORLDWIDE's engagement compass
  • Design a comprehensive, human-centric Recognition & Rewards solution that stems from employee and channel insights

The best part, you get to co-create by being a part of this exploratory journey right from day one.

The world's fastest-growing companies across diverse industries such as IT, Retail, Travel, Finance and Agriculture have leveraged the power of Design Code™ to create comprehensive engagement solutions leading to breakthrough results.

Let's find out how Design Code™ can revolutionise your employee and channel engagement. Let's design together.

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