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You entrust your business success to the sales team and channel partners who represent it. GoalQuest®, the world's only patented sales incentive program design, redefines success on a global scale with 1 million participants and counting. 100% positive ROI. Zero risk. How far will your team go?

Use the power of goal-setting to drive incremental sales from top to bottom.

GoalQuest is a simple concept with extraordinary impact. Using the power of self-selected goals, audience segmentation and all-or-nothing achievement, GoalQuest drives productivity across your entire sales force.

GoalQuest is the only patented sales incentive design on the market and it's available exclusively through BI WORLDWIDE.

Here's what sets GoalQuest apart:

  • Self-selected goals. In order to participate in the incentive program, users must select a goal. This increases accountability and motivation — plus it gives users the sense of being in control of their own performance.
  • Focus. Participants receive a weekly "progress-to-goal" email highlighting performance. This helps keep users on track and keeps their sales targets top-of-mind.
  • Segmentation. GoalQuest segments your sales team into groups based on similar levels of productivity. This levels the playing field and sets the stage for goals that are appropriately ambitious and attainable. Without segmentation, one goal has to fit everyone. That leaves top performers without adequate motivation and lower-level performers feeling frustrated. Not with GoalQuest. Everyone's motivated. Everyone counts.
  • Real rewards. Of course, achieving sales goals is a reward in itself but we’ve upped the ante even further by infusing the motivating power of tangible rewards and sales incentives.

Research shows that GoalQuest programs consistently outperform other sales incentive platforms.

Let’s set goals, sail past them, and do it again.

See what GoalQuest can do for you.

Motivate your sales force to deliver results.

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