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Our program blends three key ingredients for consistent incremental sales growth: audience segmentation to set realistic goals, self-selection to gain personal commitment towards goal achievement and an all-or-nothing rewards structure to maximise challenge participants and maximise your ROI.

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Maximise your sales lift by moving “the middle” – your average performers

Most sales incentive programs look to motivate and reward top performers to keep them performing at a high level. The trouble is that this approach tends to ignore and demotivate the “critical mass” of your sales force, as they see these one-size-fits-all goals as “impossible” to achieve.

What would happen if you could entice, motivate and reward average performers to sell more than they are selling – even if they do not reach “top performer” status? How much are those incremental sales from the majority of your sales force worth to your organization in one month? In one year?

Enter GoalQuest and its unique, and patented, design and methodology:

  • Segment your sales force performance to establish sales baselines for top, average and bottom performers and identify the critical mass or “the middle.”
  • Set realistic incremental performance goal levels within the baseline thresholds of each segment to allow everyone to participate within their capacity, sell more and win.
  • Allow participants to self-select one of three incremental goal levels to promote their ownership of that goal and gain their personal commitment towards achieving it.
  • Reward only those participants reaching the goal they selected initially to help create a culture of personal commitment and high performance. You commit and you perform - you earn.

With over 1100 GoalQuest programs completed to date, we have found that the self-selection of goal levels is a powerful motivator. By giving your entire sales force an opportunity to choose on their own, you are giving them the “power” of choosing something they feel they can achieve. This concept is key because while you are still motivating your top performers to sell more, you are now also engaging the rest of your sales force and motivating them to perform to their full potential by making goals realistic and the ensuing rewards reachable.

What’s the end result? GoalQuest drives incremental productivity across your entire sales force; thereby, giving you maximum sales lift and optimal ROI on your sales incentive program.

So why wait? Let us help you maximise incremental sales, now!

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