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Incentive Design

Motivate your sales team and deliver results.

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Innovative Incentive Design

BI WORLDWIDE Australia’s expertise in sales incentive design encompasses the four key pillars that drive performance results:

  1. Communicate – tell your sales audience what you want them to do
  2. Educate – give them the skills to achieve the objectives
  3. Measure – track their results and monitor their progress
  4. Rewards – recognise their results and reinforce activities you want repeated

While many programs consistently recognise top sales performers, maintaining and increasing market share requires that the entire sales force change its focus to become a high-performance culture. Our experience in behaviour change demonstrates that a sales incentive strategy is vital for top, middle and bottom performers. In fact, you will gain more incremental sales by engaging middle and bottom performers than you will by only targeting top performers.

We work with you to implement sales incentives that are specifically designed to meet your organisation's unique mix of salespeople, market focus and business goals:

  • Align daily/weekly/monthly activities with corporate objectives
  • Drive incremental lift to exceed targets
  • Align behaviours with customer/market programs
  • Foster goal-setting and goal achievement
  • Reinforce the long-term behaviours that grow your business

Bespoke Programs

We design each sales incentive around your specific business objectives, using your historical data to set baselines, from which to drive growth. Then create a campaign from start to finish including:

  • Program and eligibility rules
  • Support communications
  • Estimated results
  • Estimated ROI
  • Timing
  • Budget

Smart and Social Sales Incentive Platform

All of our incentive programs are available a la carte, or housed on our mobile technology platform. That means 24/7, on-the-go access for your 24/7, on-the-go teams.

Our solution creates one central hub for all program reporting and communication:

  • Tracking “opt-in” acceptance of targets and/or terms and conditions
  • Building the business rules to automate data accruals that determine goal achievement
  • Making first point of contact for participant queries about the data, rankings and program rules
  • Managing push communications to update targets, progress and achievements
  • Easily overlaying short-term, tactical incentives at any time


The platform allows you to deliver relevant messages based on a participant’s current performance level. We use it to create focus with graphical performance snapshots, launch tactical incentives, broadcast messages, recognise achievers and motivate all participants to achieve their goals. 


Online learning can be integrated into the system. From the built-in quiz module to linking with other business tools, the portal is a one-stop-shop for participants to access their Learning Management Systems.


Reporting is available at participants’ finger-tips. Individuals can track their personal performance while top-level reports are available for managers and directors. Access reports based on individuals, geographies or nation-wide.


With its built-in rewards system, the portal provides immediate rewards reinforcement as well as the power of choice for individuals who want to redeem their rewards for merchandise and travel.


The platform is scalable to add multiple countries, sales teams, channels, product teams and more. You can also create ad hoc tactical incentives or modify KPIs at any time.

To find out more about our sales incentive design, or for a demo of the platform, please contact us today!

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