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WEBINAR: 2023 New Rules of Engagement Global Research

The world of work is constantly changing. Our attention is diverted daily based on the latest trend: return to office, retaining employees, quiet quitting and performance, DE&I, ESG, talent mobility… it’s hard to keep up with the needs and expectations of employees. What aspects of company culture should we be focusing on? 

At BI WORLDWIDE, we conduct an annual New Rules of Engagement® research study to understand the current work experience and how to make it better for employees and create better outcomes for employers.   

Tune in to this webinar to learn how to build a great company culture based on the latest global research from BI WORLDWIDE’s Amy Stern, Managing Director of Research and Strategy, and Mark Hirschfeld, Vice President of Consulting and Strategic Partnerships. 


Our speakers:

Amy Stern

Managing Director, Research and Strategy, BI WORLDWIDE

Amy Stern is Managing Director of Research & Strategy at BI WORLDWIDE. Her research has resulted in peer-reviewed publications, invited lectures, research awards and valued insights for many clients. Amy’s deep understanding of experimental psychology allows her to combine critical thinking and creativity to create custom research that uncovers the importance of the work experience. She advises companies on how to create an engaged workforce where all employees can thrive.

Mark Hischfeld

Vice President, Consulting and Strategic Partnerships, BI WORLDWIDE

Mark Hirschfeld is Vice President of Consulting and Strategic Partnerships with BI WORLDWIDE. Mark has been studying the elements of highly productive, engaging workplaces since 1981. He is the co-author of Re-Engage: How America’s Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times, published by McGraw-Hill. Hirschfeld has consulted extensively in numerous industries, including retail, food service, hospitality, financial services, health care, professional services, information technology, and manufacturing. He is the architect of a number of tools used widely in the analysis of employee engagement survey data, providing greater insights to clients. Hirschfeld’s international experience includes work in Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

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