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Live & Virtual Learning

"Why should I care? What can I rally around? What do you want me to do?"

At BI WORLDWIDE, we design learning for the PEOPLE. We intentionally craft learning experiences that inspire people to care – that make them WANT to DO something – and give them the reason to rally.

Progession of Learning and Engagement (PLE)

Our focus on emotional engagement and learning empowers us to bridge the gap, transforming what people know into what they actually do. The methodology to our craft is called the Progression of Learning and Engagement, PLE for short. Our Progression of Learning and Engagement is a phased, blended learning framework. We integrate training, engagement, technology, measurement and rewards into a seamless experience.

PLE Business Objectives.jpg

We constantly work to understand your business objectives and anchor on what we want people to KNOW, FEEL & DO – it's our unrelenting commitment to Learning and Engagement that makes us an invaluable partner.

  • KNOW

    What do you want people to know, understand, learn or question?

  • FEEL

    How do you want people to feel - what creates the desired energy and commitment?

  • DO

    What is the behaviour change you want to see resulting from the learning experience?

Live & Virtual Learning Solutions

More learning solutions

V3: Virtual sales training competition

V3 is a virtual sales training competition platform that harnesses the key elements of a great training competition while minimising the cost and logistics associated with live options.

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Bunchball Nitro: Enterprise-level gamification

Bunchball Nitro is BI WORLDWIDE's enterprise engagement software. Engage your users with the most secure and scalable gamification platform available.

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élan Learning Management System

Educate and engage with the power of the award-winning élan learning management system.

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