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V3: Virtual sales training competition

All the inspiration and competitive energy of a live sales competition, without the cost and logistics.

Ever been to a live stand-up or "walk-around" competition? The energy is electric. Participants work to master the art of a persuasive pitch, perfecting their talk tracks and skills while finding compelling ways to highlight key features and benefits.

The problem: the logistics, time and expense of conducting live competitions can sometimes be prohibitive.

The solution: V3, a proprietary platform from BI WORLDWIDE.

V3: your Voice, your View, your Vote

V3 is an online portal that harnesses the key elements of a live sales competition: presentations, judging and reporting. V3 is designed to maximise value and sustained engagement in skills competitions whilst minimising the cost and logistics associated with live competitions.

Here's how V3 works:

As people around the globe are increasingly opting to do business virtually, V3 presents an opportunity for your sales team and channel partners to hone the skills that will give them a competitive edge, whether they're pitching in-person or via a digital presentation to someone on the other side of the globe.

Can virtual sales competitions really be effective?

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