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WorkHappier Profile

It's no secret that the success of your business hinges on the performance of your employees. And nothing affects their performance more than how happy (or unhappy) they are to come to work each day.

It's more than a question.

Happy works better. 

A lot of terms get kicked around in the HR industry about the employee attitudes organisations are trying to achieve. Engagement. Commitment. Morale. Satisfaction. The truth is, employees rarely describe themselves as being "engaged". That's what companies are looking for. Employees just want to be happy.

Fortunately, engagement and happiness go hand in hand — and the companies that deliver happiness get engagement in return.

But how do you know if your employees are happy?

Introducing the WorkHappier ProfileSM. Part of our comprehensive employee recognition system, WorkHappier encourages employees to rate their happiness at work using a simple sliding scale. They can stop there with a quick pulse check or they can spend a few more minutes completing a confidential survey. They'll receive a personalised report that will shed some light on how their responses compare to other workers and how they can improve (or maintain) their current state of happiness at work.

The WorkHappier Profile allows employees to check in on a regular basis and see how their happiness changes over time. It also gives managers and program stakeholders the opportunity to look at aggregated scores for specific departments or how the organisation is trending as a whole.

At the end of the day (the workday, that is), just look out for your employees. And in return, they'll create cool new products, give better customer service, collaborate more and burn out less.  

Let's work together to help your employees work happier.

Redefine how you define employee engagement.

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