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The most advanced social recognition system is here!

BI WORLDWIDE Australia's system is built using revolutionary technology, incorporating innovative social applications, mobile-optimised web design and client-specific branding that deliver the ultimate social recognition program.

An extensive library of built-in applications can be activated or deactivated on demand, in keeping up with your overall program objectives.

Build employee engagement through social recognition

The system is socially responsible with a robust social recognition app that builds engagement while putting the participant in control. The innovative Public Recognition app increases employee engagement with options to “comment”, “like”, “follow” friends, post to social networks, or add rewards to posted recognitions. It gives you full control over just how social you are when it comes to recognition.

Measure success

See how your managers are tracking and give them real-time access to their teams' performance Our reporting suite allows managers to build personalised dashboards of recognition activity. That means they'll have access to data in relevant formats – charts, graphs and details – at any time.

Exceptional user experience

The employee experience is exceptional – and they have access to only what is relevant to them, eliminating the clutter and maximising engagement. The technology offers unparalleled site configurations and audience segmentation so that you can run multiple initiatives at the same time to separate groups in your organisation.

Our system is scalable, flexible and configurable around your requirements. It is the most advanced social recognition system — EVER!

G6 Employee Recognition Platform

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