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Service Anniversary Programs

Service anniversary awards are a meaningful and powerful way to recognise employee loyalty. They celebrate achievement of reaching new heights and a new status. They say thank you for your service.

But are your programs fully engaging your employees by building further loyalty and esprit de corps?

BI WORLDWIDE Australia creates personalised service anniversary experiences for your employees that deliver much more than just a “thank you” from the organisation. We know that employees want to feel connected to their managers, and want to know that they’ve made an impact on the company. Our technology solutions make it easy for your teams (many who may work across countries or continents) to contribute to milestones. We’re able to offer the same experience for all employees whether in the office or on the road.

Recognition PURL® (Personalised URL)

The concept may be simple but the outcome is amazing. A Recognition PURL is initiated by managers of milestone achievers by inviting colleagues, friends, family (contributors) to populate the employee’s personal web site. Contributors post comments, photos and videos celebrating the recipient’s achievement.

Words of praise, encouragement or congratulations combined with memory-filled photos and videos and a personalised eCard make the Recognition PURL a truly unique and special recognition event. In turn, the recipient can share this experience with others via Facebook and Twitter and send a thank you email to all contributors.

Make employee milestones personal and memorable using Recognition PURL.


Service anniversaries are more than just an award… they’re an experience. 

Milestone Experience (ME!) is the simple, social and smart solution to celebrate your employee’s milestones.

The technology is flexible, scalable and intuitive. Built to engage managers with their employee milestones, it includes coaching tools, in-depth analytics, and a huge range of exceptional rewards. The solution creates a personalised celebration page for the recipient including cool features like “the year that was”, eCards, badges, videos, company timeline, images and personal messages.

ME! is designed to show your employees just how much their loyalty means to you.

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