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Dealer Distribution Channel Learning

We customise learning solutions that inform, engage and educate your entire distribution channel.

Driving brand loyalty through smarter learning.

Your brand is in the hands of a trusted group of dealers and distributors. Let's make the leap from distribution channel to network of brand ambassadors.

How? By creating tailored learning solutions that go far beyond getting everyone on the same page. Our solutions elevate your brand by engaging and educating the people who represent it.

Our proven learning strategies are unlike any others — and that's exactly why they're so successful. Here's what makes BI WORLDWIDE stand apart as the preeminent global experts on professional learning and engagement:

  • We use learning to gain mindshare in the channel. It's not about a one-way dispersal of information. It's about engaging reps in the material so your brand is consistently top of mind for the long term. That step turns mindshare into market share.
  • We design engaging learning tools. Why? Because, unlike in the case of traditional sales reps, channel reps aren’t subject to learning requirements. We develop tools that channel reps choose to use.
  • We employ innovative technology to exceed expectations of how information should be delivered. Our platforms are engaging, dynamic and user-friendly. Our capabilities include a variety of immersive learning experiences including virtual reality, virtual meetings and learning portals.
  • Your channel isn't all in one place and neither are our learning tools. We deliver information at the point of need; any time, anywhere, on any device.

Not sure what would work best for your channel? Not to worry. We'll be happy to work with you to design an optimal program.

Let's get started today.

Find out how training can transform your channel sales.

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