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Motivate your sales team and deliver results.

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Working with the “right” brain.

At BI WORLDWIDE Australia, our experience has shown that “motivation” is an emotional experience. The more emotionally we are connected to a goal, the more commitment, focus and energy goes into attaining it.

Nothing is more emotional that an effective reward.

Research shows that non-cash rewards are actually more effective motivators than cash and cash equivalents.

Without question, many factors influence performance in a program: the perceived value of the reward relative to the perceived effort to attain it, the knowledge and skills of those participating, how well the rules and standings are communicated, and the overall alignment of the design to the desired business outcomes.

But nothing is as important as the choice to offer non-monetary rewards. In other words, the rewards must not have explicit dollar values connected with them, as this immediately disengages the emotions of the right brain and we start to rationalise our actions – which may disengage us from the program completely.

We utilise numerous tangible rewards that emotionally engage participants to set goals, maintain their focus throughout the initiative, create a memorable and personal experience, and create opportunities to promote their achievements to colleagues and others.

Use the best mix of rewards to:

  • Capture your participants’ attention
  • Cut through everyday clutter
  • Create personal and emotional investment
  • Serve as a catalyst for people to push themselves beyond their complacency, their comfort zone and their fears to realise their potential

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