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Return on Investment

Motivate your sales team and deliver results.

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To achieve a return on your investment into incentives, begin by motivating your entire team, not just for your top performers.

Move Your Middle Performers

While many incentive programs consistently recognise top performers, maintaining and increasing market share requires that the entire sales audience change its behaviour to become a high-performance culture. Our experience in behaviour change demonstrates that an incentive strategy is vital for top, middle and bottom performers. In fact, you will achieve more incremental sales by engaging middle and bottom performers than you will for just top performers.

BI WORLDWIDE Australia goes beyond the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to traditional sales incentives by firstly segmenting your sales team into performance-based groups. This puts everyone on the same page and gives everyone an opportunity to achieve.

We leverage the power of self-selected goals, audience segmentation and all-or-nothing achievement to drive incremental sales performance. Rather than setting one goal for everyone, and rewarding the top X%, we utilise a model in which your top performers are motivated to reach even higher, your middle performers are motived to deliver to their true potential and your bottom performers are not just frustrated by another incentive that they have no chance of achieving.

Because we reward incremental achievement, that is, results above the normal baseline, we can estimate the return, run the program, and then provide the actual ROI.

Proven ROI Using GoalQuest®

GoalQuest® is the world’s only patented sales incentive program design. With over 1 million participants and counting, this system has proven to deliver 100% positive ROI... and at zero risk.

The design begins with segmenting your sales team into groups based on levels of productivity, which levels the field. Without segmentation, one goal has to fit everyone. That leaves top performers without adequate motivation and lower-level performers feeling frustrated. We’ve changed all that. GoalQuest® facilitates incremental sales from the top, middle and bottom levels of your sales force. Everyone’s motivated. Everyone counts.

From there, GoalQuest® helps participants select a goal that is both ambitious and attainable. However, the participant has to both select a goal and achieve that goal in order to be rewarded – the higher the goal, the greater the reward.

With close to 1,000 GoalQuest® programs completed, our results consistently out-perform other sales incentive program designs.

One In a Million+- DISH Network’s GoalQuest Story

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