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Is There a Missing Piece to Your Meeting

Oct 17, 2017

Is there a missing piece to your meeting?

Strategy for off the stage, on the stage and everything in-between.

Grounded in Behavioural Economics, our research reinforces that every touch-point of an attendee's event experience is a powerful motivator for improved performance. The data reveals that emotion drives 77% of a participant's decision-making process, Bl WORLDWIDE meticulously plans every event detail, not only to influence behaviours but also to acquire favourable, lasting results.

Off the Stage

  • Site selection and contracting
  • Risk assessment and supplier due diligence
  • Experienced program management
  • Ground transportation coordination
  • Food and beverage
  • Optional activities and team building events
  • Group air service including blocked space and fare analysis
  • Budget management
  • Mobile-friendly communication, registration and survey portal
  • Custom communication design and development
  • On-site event staff
  • Participant information and data management

On the Stage

  • Creative direction
  • Agenda and content development
  • Scenic design and staging
  • Speech writing. support and coaching
  • Speaker and talent management
  • Technical direction
  • Film and video design and production
  • Multimedia integration
  • Audience engagement techniques

Everything In-Between

  • Interactive learning workshops
  • Progressive and mastery challenge gamification
  • Real-time reporting and metrics
  • Apps to increase engagement including
  • assessments. surveys and scoring
  • Simulations through multiple devices

BI WORLDWIDE implements comprehensive, integrated, global solutions to make your event successful. Whether it is logistics and travel management, creative or production, BIW is the only company that seamlessly puts all of the pieces together so your event accomplishes your intendedgoals with ease and efficiency.

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