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This Lame Event Makes Me Want to Claw My Eyes Out

We’ve all been to them: a corporate event you have to attend but you’d rather have a root canal – at least there you’d get something to numb the pain. Why do some events have this emotional reaction?

The truth is, all events elicit an emotional reaction – just not always the one you want. The challenge is that many event planners don’t consider and control the emotional element of the event they’re delivering. Sure the food tastes good, the speakers sound good, the theme looks good, the lights create a mood… but those don’t always create the right emotion.

Without the right kind of emotions involved, events are little more than talking heads and chilly ballrooms. At best, they’re forgettable; at worst, they’re dreaded.

You need to start with the emotional results in mind; answer the question: how do you want your audience to feel?

The answer should stem from your unique business goals. It could mean everyone feels re-energised, resilient and determined. It could be you want everyone to feel jubilant, appreciated and ready to shout from the rooftops.

Make emotions work in your favour. While you can’t control how people feel, you can create an emotional experience that aligns with your strategy. Your audience will have an emotional reaction no matter what, so the biggest mistake you can make is to ignore emotions entirely.