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How games are revolutionising sales incentives

Written by: William Johnson, Division VP of Sales and Channel, BI WORLDWIDE
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Using games in a workplace setting can be an effective way to drive both immediate activities and long-term results. 

Consider these scenarios:

  • Your top sales performers are doing well (as always) but you're having trouble motivating everyone else, or "moving the middle".
  • Your brand new product launched but you haven't seen the spark in sales you were anticipating.
  • Your employees turn up to work every day but they don't seem motivated or fully engaged.

If any of these sound familiar, then a) you're not alone and b) you may be in need of a new type of sales contest. Problem solved.

Games are an effective tool because they address a person's intrinsic need for competition, achievement, status and rewards. People are emotionally drawn to these experiences and because of that, the impact of using games to prompt desired behaviours has been proven successful many times over in business situations.

Case study results:

  • For one telecom customer who was looking to increase video sales, we incorporated game plays into their call centre environment. Not only were they able to drive over 95% engagement among their call centre reps, they also increased product sales by over 30%.
  • Another BIW customer was looking for an effective way to ramp up their workforce and onboard new technicians more quickly. By creating a gamified onboarding “launchpad” that focused on skills they needed to be successful in the technician role, we were able to decrease the average onboarding time from five months to three. This also resulted in a 20% increase in productivity among new technicians.

Whether your particular goal is to reinforce the behaviours that drive business or recognise specific achievements, games can help. You can use simple, short-term structures to drive immediate activities or introduce complex, multi-layered paradigms that maintain focus and commitment to a particular goal over time.

Creating the right mix of sales incentives and games can provide a particularly compelling and sustained experience that can be used to accomplish a variety of business goals, like:

  • Increase sales
  • Reverse lagging profits
  • Sell more service plans/contract services
  • Increase qualified referral acquisitions
  • Maximise new product introductions/sales
  • Reduce abandon rates, cycle times or incidents
  • Drive behaviour-based activity
  • Increase CRM adoption

Sales contests are an effective motivational mechanism. Games have the ability to surprise and delight. The combination of the two is a proven way to fully engage your teams and increase revenue.

William Johnson

Division Vice President, Sales and Channel

As Vice President of BI WORLDWIDE’s Sales & Channel Engagement Group, William's primary focus is to develop sales and channel engagement strategies and solutions that change the behaviours of salespeople, distributors, dealers and channel sales representatives. An expert in sales incentive strategy, he educates sales professionals around the world on how to best engage their sales force through sales engagement strategies, solutions and best practices.

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