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Capturing the right sales performance data

Written by: Isabel Ferreras
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What is Salesmaker?

You've heard it all before. Team performance is measured every quarter and compared fiscal year over year. Sales measurements are compared from quarter to quarter. But while these numbers are important to measure, they certainly don't capture the whole picture of what's going on with your sales team./p>

We all know that a typical sales team, there's a top 20%, a middle 60%, and a bottom 20% of performers—and that ultimately — the top producers can be reliably expected to pull in good numbers. But if we rely on this data, we're missing out on some key insights and opportunities to improve, especially when it comes to your middle performers.

Siddharth Reddy, who is currently serving as the MD and CEO of BI WORLDWIDE India, says "The middle performers drive the largest amount of business, and helping them set reasonable goals within defined boundaries that align with the organisation's objectives can help boost their performance, transforming them into top performers too. If motivated well, middle performers are capable of showing double-digit sales improvements."

When you give your sales team the power to choose their own goals and perform to their own standards, there's a great impact. BI WORLDWIDE uses the impact of self-selected goals, segmenting participant performance, and all-or-nothing achievement — driving productivity throughout the whole sales force. We call this solution GoalQuest®.

Without segmentation, one goal has to fit everyone. That leaves high performers without adequate motivation and lower-level performers feeling like they don't have a chance to succeed. We've changed all that. GoalQuest facilitates incremental sales from the top, middle, and bottom levels of your sales force. Everyone's motivated. Everyone's achievements have an impact.

Don't waste critical time and resources. Bring your team to the next level. Capture the right performance and go from there.

Isabel Ferreras

Project Manager

Isabel is a PMI-certified Project Manager for BI WORLDWIDE, with many years of robust experience across a range of industries including telecommunications, automotive, retail, and hospitality. She works with clients to develop solutions that are engaging for them and simple to manage across large audiences.

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