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How to Close the Gap Between Target and Actual Sales

Sep 05, 2017


A national vehicle sales organisation had anticipated a large sales volume for one of its new passenger car models for the year. A few months after vehicle launch, it was apparent that they were not on track to meet the sales goal. The organisation asked the BI WORLDWIDE team to design a program that would engage both new and fleet car sales teams to focus on moving inventory and reaching the target.


  • Achieve the vehicle sales target
  • Convert leads to sales
  • Increase focus and urgency around the goal


  • Reward sales consultants for each unit sale over a minimum qualifier
  • Reward sales managers for dealership target achievement
  • Design a communications campaign to create buzz and engagement
  • Track and communicate progress throughout the incentive


  • 100% of sales target was achieved
  • 20% of the participants had never sold one unit prior to the incentive
  • 20% engagement increase from middle and lower performers
  • 29% increase in number of dealerships that achieved target
  • 60% increase in number of program logins
  • Highest email open rates since program launch in 2009

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