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How to Hire for Long-term Engagement

Mar 15, 2018

Written by: Tricia Mikolai
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What story does your brand tell? What is your employee value proposition? No… not what your marketing team promotes; it’s what your employees experience in their daily lives.

Getting this right can save you a lot of recruitment time and money. While it might be tempting to write an ad to attract as many top talent candidates as possible, it’s more important to get culturally qualified candidates.

Believe it or not, finding people with the right skills is much easier than finding people who will be engaged with your employee value proposition. Matching a person’s skills to the role will help fill the position; but one-third of those people know whether they will stay with the company long-term after their first week. That’s all about your employee value proposition.

Scary stat: One-third of new hires quit their jobs after about six months.

Know who you are and what you offer employees outside of salary and benefits. Use this to clearly illustrate what it’s like to work for your company. If it discourages some people from applying, you’ve just saved yourself a six-month honeymoon period in which the mismatch leads to both parties feel misled.

To make the right long-term hire, be open about your employee value proposition across recruitment campaigns, job postings, onboarding and training. There should be no surprises after one week, six months or two years. In fact, it will shorten the hiring process by eliminating hesitations about “are you the right fit” and “can I be successful here” from the beginning.

Tricia Mikolai

Managing Director BI WORLDWIDE - Oceania

Tricia Mikolai is the Managing Director of BI WORLDWIDE – Oceania region. With almost a decade of experience in behaviour change programs, Tricia is responsible for leading multiple successful initiatives to help Fortune 1000 companies drive performance improvement. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with business leaders to help them drive and sustain business results.