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How to Get a Fast-Start on Sales next Quarter

May 08, 2017

Written by: Tricia Mikolai
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A tactical incentive can kick off your year or reinvigorate your second half. One of the most successful incentive structures, GoalQuest®, has a unique way to motivate people to achieve above their normal sales rate.

Hear from some real sales achievers who participated in a GoalQuest incentive:

No matter what incentive structure you use, here are a few tips to make it a smashing success:

Shout it out

  • Don’t surprise your sales team – give participants a clear set of program rules at launch and continue to provide progress updates throughout the incentive.

Reduce the clutter

  • Make sure other initiatives, including other incentive programs, don’t distract or confuse your audience. It’s difficult to achieve anything if you’re lacking a clear focus.

Dream about the big time

  • It’s been said that any plan is better than no plan and this advice holds true in helping sales people get off to a fast start. Help them to think about how they’re going to achieve their goals as part of the program.

Click here for more details about the GoalQuest structure. We’re here to partner with you! Get in touch now.

Tricia Mikolai

Managing Director BI WORLDWIDE - Oceania

Tricia Mikolai is the Managing Director of BI WORLDWIDE – Oceania region. With almost a decade of experience in behaviour change programs, Tricia is responsible for leading multiple successful initiatives to help Fortune 1000 companies drive performance improvement. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with business leaders to help them drive and sustain business results.

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