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Employee engagement is consistently ranked as a top priority by a large majority of business leaders, however only a small percentage say they actually have highly engaged workforces. The challenge is that most engagement approaches are decades old and likely to do more harm than good. Business dynamics in the 21st century demand a different approach.

The New Rules of Engagement

The rules have changed...

The GFC, Technology, Attention spans, Globalisation and Information availability. Today’s fluid workplace means the old engagement methods simply do not apply.

BI WORLDWIDE has undertaken extensive research to identify the New Rules of Engagement℠. These discoveries are now the subject of a new book by New York Times bestselling author, Rodd Wagner. Widgets: The 12 New Rules for Managing Your Employees As If They’re Real People is groundbreaking and it’s what we implement with our clients around the globe.

We offer a full spectrum of employee engagement solutions that will transform the way you inspire, motivate and connect with their employees

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