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BI WORLDWIDE makes motivation simple, personal and purposeful. Powered by expert culture builders, problem-solvers, design thinkers and behavioural economic academics, we know the heart and soul of Australian business. Get solutions based on specifics, not assumptions, delivered with the certainty of global reach and local presence. Translate your needs into proven programs supported by savvy tech. Recognise your people in meaningful ways to shape the shift you want to see. 

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What We Do

Employee Engagement

Seize employee engagement opportunities that build meaning, community and enterprise. Let your people know what you stand for so they stand with you. Bring your EVP to life through problem-solving, secure, responsive technology and tailored recognition and rewards solutions. What your employees want changes over time; changing with them is an investment in the future of your business.

Sales Team Motivation

Put incentives where opportunities are; actively value your salespeople – encourage performance and nurture potential with targeted rewards. Harness purpose-designed motivation programs that lean into what makes your individuals or teams tick. Effect strategies that increase incremental sales to propel growth and cultivate brand connection and commitment. Invest in your team so they invest in your business.

Channel Sales Solutions

Turn channel collaborators into advocates with a person-centric approach. Overcome income targeting, support incremental sales and ‘move the middle’ to grow loyalty and emotional connection to your brand. Use behavioural economics to design impactful programs that encourage growth. When your channels feel engaged, valued and incentivised to perform, they’ll boost your brand reputation because they believe in you.

Meetings and Events

Motivate through meaningful shared experiences that make memories and strengthen loyalty and belonging. Encourage new connections and bolster existing bonds with in-person or virtual events. Access in-house production and digital expertise to extend employee experiences beyond the everyday. From intimate spaces to iconic places, bring your messages to life with beautifully detailed events that broker connections and inspire performance.

Agents of change

BI WORLDWIDE are a clever crew of incentive experts intent on making your people feel valued and supported. Uncovering the nature of your needs allows us to design meaningful experiences that matter. Use individual focus, local relevance and global influence to ignite the employee engine that drives better businesses.

To shape successful solutions, our team unpacks the nuance of individual and collective motivation, participation, values and meaning-making. Balance business and people, and watch your performance thrive.

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How change happens

Stock solutions overlook the uniqueness of your organisational culture, challenges and goals. BI WORLDWIDE’s people-first programs inspire with custom software and program features in step with design thinking. More minds mean more ideas – here there are plenty of both.

Grounded in the science of behavioural economics – explore where thought meets emotion to find what prompts purpose. Attention to detail opens the door to authentic engagement, conversation starters and unrivalled results.

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The Math That Matters

27% of employees say they are stuck in a dead-end job.

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Engage with details, not hunches

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